Viet Nam National Tea Joint Stock Corporation

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92 Vo Thi Sau St., Hai Ba Trung Dist.,Ha Noi, Vietnam
+84 24 36226990
+84 24 36226991
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After near a half of development century (from 1956 to now), Vinatea has obtained a lot of achievements in production and business in some following fields.
Vinatea a powerful team of leading researchers and experimentalists of Vietnam coordinating with many well-known Crops Research Institutes in the world have built up a gene budget corporation with over 100 tea breeds at all kinds, then ing and crossing 8 good tea breeds in accordance with the processing technology and strict demands on product quality of local and foreign markets.
Vinatea is now quite active about the breed and fresh bud tea materials to produce separately from kinds of teas: black tea, Pouchung-Oolong green tea, Japanese green tea, Gunpowder green tea...
Vinatea with thousands of hectares of tea applied modern cultivation process, mechanized step by step, the food safety in tea garden care are always paid attention, Vinatea’s concentrated tea gardens have at present the average productivity of approximate 15 tons of fresh bud tea/hectare.
Vinatea always exploits natural material sources to produce organic fertilizer, micro organic fertilizer used for tea plants suitably to conditions of soil, argo-chemistry and land’s long-term useful source.


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Viet Nam National Tea Joint Stock Corporation
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+84 4 362 26 990

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