Tan Lua Vang Company Limited

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Le Minh Xuan Industrial Zone, C22, 24 St. 6, Le Minh Xuan Ward, Binh Chanh Dist.,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 28 37660188
+84 28 37660186
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Export market:
Asia, Southeast Asia, USA, Brazin, Uruguay, Thailand

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Tan Lua Vang Rice Roller Co., Ltd, one of leading manufacturer of Rice Huller Rubber Roller in Viet Nam, has a long history of product development and innovation since 1990.
Stringent quality control along with formulation suitable for various areas has made the satisfied choice of clients. The factory is well-equipped modern machineries using advanced technology and good-grade input materials, in addition the products are made as strict quality control and along with JIS quality we ensure to bring Rice Huller Rubber Rollers with the most perfected quality.
In Viet Nam, with well-known brand name as Lua Vang for over 15 years, our products are known all over the parts of our country such as: The Mekong River Delta, Central part, North. Our products are also exported widely to all over the world over more than 15 years, our product is trusted and highly appreciated by clients .
We are concerned not only with meeting the needs of customers we serve to-day, but are also committed to developing technologies of products for markets of the future.
With guideline: PRODUCTS QUALITY & REASONABLE PRICE . We will bring the satisfaction and trust to you during using our rubber rollers as Lua Vang.


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Company name:
Tan Lua Vang Company Limited
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Export market:
Asia, Southeast Asia, USA, Brazin, Uruguay, Thailand
Number of Employees:
from 101 - 200 people
ISO 9001:2008

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Ms Nguyen Thi Dieu Huong
+84 8 376 60 187 /8
+84 909 090 417

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