Japan Paper Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd

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U33b-35, Road 20, Tan Thuan EPZ, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 28 37701915, 37701916, 37701249, 37701250
+84 28 37701917
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US, Japan, India, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Cambodia, Australia, etc.

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Founded in May 6/1996, Ltd. Packaging Japan (VN) - Starting from the cooperation of the two companies: CHUBU SHIKO and NISSHO IWAI in Japan, built the first Kraft paper packaging factory first in Vietnam with abbreviated as JPT.
After nearly 20 years of operation, from an export processing enterprise specializing in exporting Kraft paper bags to Japan, JPT has 03 factories in Vietnam, with full certification of safety and quality of products. JPT is the main supplier for a many partners both local and abroad, meets the growing demand for paper packaging.
JPT is directly manufacturing and supplying the main products, including:
-Multi-wall Kraft paper bag.
-Multi-wall Kraft paper bag with liner: LDPE / HDPE / PET / PA / AL
-Multi-wall Kraft paper bag with PE woven.
-Multi-wall Kraft paper bag with Poly-laminated.
More than 55 years experienced in Kraft packaging from parent company Chubu SHIKO CO., LTD, modern Japan technology machinery, managing board from Japan and a professional team of engineers , alone with strict quality assurance and stable source of Kraft paper material, outstanding strengths of the JPT is the uniformity of the output products with absolutely competitive price.
In May 2013, JPT made a breakthrough by establishment of factory JPT3 in Dong Nai province. We increased the total investment capital of US$ 15,700,000 and the production capacity up to 4.5 million pcs per month, in order to serve the diverse needs in the Vietnam markets. JPT3 breaks down all barriers of buying procedures for domestic partners that helps enterprises easily approach Kraft paper bags products from Japan.
With the reputation and awareness of the responsibility in every shipment, JPT always gains the long-term trust from partners.
Factory JPT1: Road 19, Tan thuan EPZ, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam.
Factory JPT2: Road 19, Tan thuan EPZ, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam.
Factory JPT3: Long Duc Industrial Zone, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam


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Japan Paper Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
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Export market:
US, Japan, India, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Cambodia, Australia, etc.
Number of Employees:
from 201 - 300 people

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Ms Tran Thi Minh Huong
+ 84 913 804 720

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