Hoa Binh Construction & Real Estate Corporation

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235 Vo Thi Sau St., Ward 7, District 3,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 28 39325030, 39325030, 39325030
+84 28 39325221
Business Style:
Construction company, Service company
Export market:
Myanmar, Malaysia
Import market:
Asia, Europe

Company Info

Hoa Binh Construction & Real Estate Corporation was founded on September 27th 1987 on the foundation of Hoa Binh Construction Office, started to operate in designing and construction of a private residential projects.
Established in "Doi moi" economic reform period, Hoa Binh continually made great efforts to overcome difficulties and reaffirm its capability. Hoa Binh has grown into a leading construction company in Vietnam and well-known amongst foreign contractors with such an impressive slogan "Reach the peaks peacefully"
Hoa Binh has developed a decisive and dynamic management team together with 6,000 employees who have always devoted their technical abilities, creativity and their utmost effort to the company.
In 2006, Hoa Binh was the first general contractor listed on HOSE.
Hoa Binh is also the only construction compnay in the South to be ed to participate in "VIETNAM VALUE PROGRAM" and achieve many valuable domestic and internatioanl awards.


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Company Profile

Company name:
Hoa Binh Construction & Real Estate Corporation
Business style:
Construction company, Service company
Tax Code:
Year Established:
Export market:
Myanmar, Malaysia
Import market:
Asia, Europe
Number of Employees:
more than 1,000 people
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005

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+84 8 3932 5030

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