Dai Dong Tien Joint Stock Company

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216 Tan Thanh St., Ward 15, Dist. 5,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 8 39553855
+84 8 38564154
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Established in 1983, Dai Dong Tien Corporation is now the leading plastic houseware manufaturer in Vietnam. Dai Dong Tiens products are widely distributed, both domestically with a nationwide supply chain of more than 8000 wholesaler, retailers, and internationally to many countries such as Autralia, United Kingdom, Netherland, France, Chile, Columbia, USA,.. With the moto " Destination Total Quality ", Dai Dong Tien Always strives to bring out the best quality products with a variety of choices and at competitive prices.
In order to better serve the customers, Dai Dong Tien had relentlessly improved quality of the products through innovation, use of latest technologies from Germany, Japan, Switzerland and adaption to the state of art management concept.
With the investment into advanced production technology at two factories with area of 11 hectare, the skillfulness of the staff, the sale system over the country and five most important Brands such as Household, FoodPak, Nice, Sina, G.I.P, Dai Dong Tien aspires to make the Dai Dong Tien plastic brand and Vietnamese plastic brand to become thriving not only in domestic market but also in th global marketplace.
" Product of Dai Dong Tien are the quintessential combination of quality, creative design, competitive price and aiming to the Customers benefits "


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Dai Dong Tien Joint Stock Company
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more than 1,000 people
ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

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1800 588893
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