Le Ha Craft Product Trading and Investment Company Limited

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117B Luong Khanh Thien Street, Ngo Quyen District,Hai Phong City, Vietnam
+84 1636958689

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Lehacraft is well known as one of the business companies specializes in supplying and processing handmade of knitting and crocheting products. Besides, we would be delighted to support and consult customers to have quality products, beautiful design trend and special price must be appropriate to enhance and improve the business efficiency in order to match with the market trends and consumer demands today. In addition, it would be a pleasure for us to have the orders required according to your favorite and business strategy such as color, material, style, size and so on.
Lehacraft will try our best to be able to meet all your orders, ensure quality standards and right schedule. Every single product must be in certain.
In the future, we are looking forward to receiving the long-term cooperation of our customers in Vietnam and abroad, together develop, together successfully.
Many Sincerely thanks to our dear customers for your support and trust in Lehacraft.


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Le Ha Craft Product Trading and Investment Company Limited
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from 51 - 100 people

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Ms. Le Thi Ha
+84 908 038 685

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