SKS Furniture Company Limited

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64 Vu Tong Phan St., An Phu Ward,Dist. 2,Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
+84 274 3639209,
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SKS FURNITURE CO., LTD is supplying package wood furniture, accessories and all necessary components for hotel and resort and apartment, restaurants as well as serviced apartment. SKS FURNITURE CO., LTD provides highest quality contract furniture with contemporary designs and finishes. We are working closely with you to make OEM products and customize furnishing to your specifications.
About Us and services We have over 10 years experience in manufacturing custom case-goods for hospitality and commercial industry. We understood the quality standards, we are located in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam and having factories in Binh Duong province so that we well known the market within Vietnam for suppliers and US s requirement *Custom case-goods and soft-goods manufacturing *OEM and program development * Quality Control service Our purposes aim to help increase the sales and rental appeal of your property. Come to us, you just make order, then we do the rest!

Factory: Khanh Van Square, Khanh Binh Ward, Tan Uyen Hometown, Binh Duong.


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Wood nightstand

Wood Headboard

Wood Mirror Frames

Wood Seatings

Wood Tables

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SKS Furniture Company Limited
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from 101 - 200 people

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Ms Thao

Mobile phone:
+84 903 386 686
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Mr Khanh

Mobile phone:
+84 903 677 672

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