Hop Thanh Interior Decorative Co., Ltd

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No. 1069, DT743C Street, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town,Binh Duong, Vietnam
+84 902523993, 978025089
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Manufacturer, Service company

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HOP THANH INTERIOR DECORATION COMPANY LIMITED is a private enterprise, which was established in 2015. After nearly three years in operation, we are proud to be one of reliable furniture manufacture in Vietnam.
HOP THANH company was known in many countries around the world with the best services. All of our products are guaranteed for quality and competitive price. With well experienced staff, high sense of responsibility, HOP THANH company is very pleased to offer quality products to serve the needs of consumers.
Located in 2.000 square meters at Binh Duong Province with modernly-equipped factory such as CNC machine, drill wood working machine, manual edging machine, automatic linear edge banding machine, cutter machine…Hop Thanh factory has been certified with ISO 9001-2008, an international system for quality valuation and control.
With the experienced workforce of more than 50 workers, Hop Thanh always bring customers the best choice and ensure the highest quality, competitive price and the best services.


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Company name:
Hop Thanh Interior Decorative Co., Ltd
Business style:
Manufacturer, Service company
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Number of Employees:
from 51 - 100 people
ISO 9001-2008

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+84 978 025 089
+84 902 523 993

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