Bamboo International., Jsc

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Room 803, Building A, Golden Land, 285 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District,Hanoi City, Vietnam
+84 320 62941158,
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Supplier, Trading company

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Thanks to the advantages of the natural conditions, the agricultural products in the North Vietnam have special flavour and great quality. So they are more and more popular in domestic and global markets. Bamboo International JSC was established to be a floating bridge between importers and farmers to develop Vietnam agricultural products in the greater stability and competition.
With long – term vision and development strategy, we always control products’ quality in a strict way during harvesting, collecting, storage, transporting and transit on sea. So, we are confident in providing competitive quality and price.
Our main products includes:
- Onion and garlic. (Certificate of Origin)
- Ginger and turmeric (Certificate of origin)
- Wood pellets
- Fresh vegetable & fruit (Global Gap or Viet Gap certificate)
- Anise, Cinnamon
We warmly welcome cooperation with customers from all over the world.


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Bamboo International., Jsc
Business style:
Supplier, Trading company
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Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyen
+84 976 823 863

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