Viet Anh Sedge Production Export Joint Stock Company

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Nga An Commune, Nga Son District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
+84 932804163,
+84 373652868
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The U.S, Czech

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The forerunner of Viet Anh Sedge Production Export Joint Stock Company is Viet Anh Private Company, which was established in 1998 with 100 laborers, specialized in producing fine arts and handicrafts from sedge and water- fern.
Viet Anh Sedge Production Export Joint Stock Company was officially set up on September 3, 2009 according to Decision No. 2801425368 of the Department of Planning and Investment of Thanh Hoa province. The company is engaged in producing and processing fine arts and handicrafts from sedge, water-fern, rattan, bamboo and neoshozeaua.
The company has two producing establishments, one of which is located in a traditional trade village in Kim Son District, and the other one is located in Nga Son District, on the total area of 15,000 m2. The company has capabilities to handle orders of hundred containers with the best quality management line. The company owns over 300 regular laborers and over 10,000 experienced craftsmen.
The company’s producing establishments have been modernly equipped for production of high-quality products, favoured by domestic and foreign customers. To date, the company has exported products to , the U.S, Czech, etc.
We would like to expand markets and establish long – term and sustainable partnership with domestic and foreign partners.
Our slogan is “Prestige, best quality and best price for customers”


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Company name:
Viet Anh Sedge Production Export Joint Stock Company
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Export market:
The U.S, Czech
Number of Employees:
from 101 - 200 people

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Mr. Ann Nguyen
+84 932 804 163

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