Phuong Linh Bamboo And Rattan Co., Ltd

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Room 201, B2 Building, Cau Dien Housing Project, Phu Dien Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist.,Hanoi, Vietnam
+84 902026768
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Export market:
Japan, USA, France, Italy, UK, Taiwan, Germany

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Founded in 2004 with the original name is Green Bamboo Co., Ltd, in 2007 renamed Phuong Linh Rattan Bamboo Co., LTD. With the leadership team has over 20 years experience in professional manufacturing and exporting rattan, bamboo and handicrafts, our company has relationships with many customers in all major markets: Japan, USA, France, Italy, UK, Taiwan, Germany.
We are producers and exporters of arts and crafts of high quality. Our products are made of Lacquer, Bamboo, Rattan, Water-hyacinth, Fern, such as Basket, Bamboo Dragonfly, Hat, Bowl, Box, Dish, Vase, Home Decoration and general arts and crafts. We can design and produce as customers requirement. We offer fair and competitive price. If you are interested in any of our product, please contact me for further information. We can guarantee the prime quality, competitive price and best service. We hope to establish a long term business relation with your esteemed company. Please visit our web and find the products which you can sales in your country.


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Company name:
Phuong Linh Bamboo And Rattan Co., Ltd
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Export market:
Japan, USA, France, Italy, UK, Taiwan, Germany
Number of Employees:
from 11 - 50 people

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Mr Nguyen Khac Quy
+84 902 026 768

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