Phuc An An Co., Ltd

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06-A4, Biconsi Building, Phu Cuong Ward, Thu Dau Mot City,Binh Duong, Vietnam
+84 972922862
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We are a garments, apparels and clothing manufacturing company specializes in all types of uniforms which includes sports and industrial as well as regular formal, informal clothing customized asper our customers requirements.
Our factories are equipped with advanced machinery with latest technologies and skilled staff locatedboth in Binh Duong and in Ho chi minh city, Vietnam.
Also, with the tie-ups with cotton yarn and fabric certified and quality suppliers, we offer high quality materials and our workis based on our business values which is to meet the exact requirements of ouresteemed customers and of-course we guarantee reasonableprices.
We manufacture and produce Uniforms and kits for sports schools, hospitals, security personals, safety overalls for industrialworkers and staff, modern day clothing like T- shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans-wear and jackets. We do all types of garments related requests from our customers.


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Phuc An An Co., Ltd
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from 11 - 50 people

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Ms. Hoang Hai Trieu
+84 972.922.862

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