Vi Na Dai Viet Import and Export Co., Ltd

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No.292 Vo Thi Sau Street, Hamlet 7, Thong Nhat Ward, Bien Hoa City,Dong Nai, Vietnam
+84 251 3918534, 3918535
+84 251 3918536, 3918537
Business Style:
Trading company
Export market:
Import market:
Asia, America

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Founded in 2011 by the founders who have much experience in manufacturing and trading agricultural products and animal feed, Vi Na Dai Viet Import and Export Co., Ltd (Vinimex in short) has been specializing in trading of agricultural products, raw material and additives, which are produced domestically or imported form the US, South America, Europe, India, Thailand, etc for the production of animal feed and veterinary drugs. Besides, our company has developed other export lines of domestic materials such as tapioca chip, rice, cashew nuts, coffee beans, pepper, tea and peanuts.
With a strong professional and dedicated team, we have built a nationwide customer network, included dealers, commercial companies, farmers and animal feed factories. As a result, we have achieved much success and become one of the most prestigious traders in Vietnam.


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Company name:
Vi Na Dai Viet Import and Export Co., Ltd
Business style:
Trading company
Tax Code:
Year Established:
Export market:
Import market:
Asia, America
Number of Employees:
from 11 - 50 people

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Contact person:
Ms Nhung Pham

Job Title:
Business Admin
+84 61 3918 534-102
Mobile phone:
+84 976 481 317

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