Khai Loi Trading & Manufacturing Limited Company

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Hamlet Binh Huu 1, Duc Hoa Thuong Commune, Duc Hoa District,Long An, Vietnam
+84 72 3817066, 3817067, 3817068
Hotline: +84 903987882
+84 72 3817069
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In inheritance of over 10 years of experience and prestige in packaging market, KHAI LOI TRADING & MANUFACTURING LIMITED COMPANY has been established based on such solid foundation with a team of skillful and experienced employees who have been working with us for over a decade. Remarkably, Khai Loi have invested a modern system of machinery and equipment for our factory in Long An with area of sqm 14,000. This technology allows us to meet any increasingly diversified and strict demands of Vietnamese as well as international customers.

We specialize in manufacturing:
- Corrugated cardboard, 3/5/7 ply, flute profiles: A, B, C, E, F meeting international standards
- From materials of cartoon paper and Duplex white, yellow paper made in Taiwan, Thai, Vietnam, etc.

Our products are mainly used in aquaculture, agriculture, food, footwear, garment, pharmaceuticals, electronics, furniture, ceramics, plastic products, etc.
In order to gain our competitive advantage, Khai Loi have been expanding our operations and innovating technologies including new paper making machine and advanced production lines in which the manufacture of cartoon paper (7 layers) is all conducted by machine without human processing.
As a result, packaging products will be more attractive in premium quality.

Khai Loi believes that the trust of customers plays the key role in the corporate operations we, therefore, always take “PRESTIGE – QUALITY” on the top of the list. Moreover, we keep monitoring market trend to provide Customers with various types of products ensuring good quality, attractive design, competitive price, timely delivery and flexible sales solutions.


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Khai Loi Trading & Manufacturing Limited Company
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