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93/9/35 Bo Bao Tan Thang St., Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu Dist.,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 8 66860508,
Business Style:
Manufacturer, Trading company
Export market:
USA, Australia, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Canada

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VAIMA (abbreviated from Vietnam Agricutural International Marketing Agency) focuses on marketing Vietnamese agricultural products and commodities to global buyers. As its name indicates, Vaima takes the countrys competitive advantages on high-tech agriculture and Information Technology. Vaima starts up its business in searching opportunities in Vietnams agriculture which has in theory adsolute competitive advantage on global business economies. The country has a longlasting agricultural activities, nearly 70% of farmers among its populations, nation-benefited infrastructures including rich soils, long-spreading seashore and suitable rain forest - like climate tropical land and hardworking farmers with passion and experience although the countrys agriculture industry has been modernized to the extent that it should be.
Wscafe is a business division run and managed by Vaima Company Limited. Its main function is to deliver good quality Vietnamese coffee to the worlds prospective buyers at a wholesale price. As its name indicates, Wscafe means Wholesale + Cafe. The word "wholesale" is normally abbreviated as w/s. As a wholesale coffee supplier, Wscafe aims at conecting global buyers with Vietnamese qualified coffee products in order to increase Vietnamese Coffee value in global coffee value chains.


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Company name:
Business style:
Manufacturer, Trading company
Tax Code:
Year Established:
Export market:
USA, Australia, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Canada
Number of Employees:
less than 5 people

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Ms Quyen

Job Title:
Sales manager
Mobile phone:
+84 902 219 192

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