Khanh Tam Private Enterprise

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152/4 Binh Luong 1 Hamlet, Binh Thanh Ward, Thu Thua Dist.,Long An, Vietnam
+84 28 54316598
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Asia, Europe, America, Autralia, Middle East, Africa

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Established in 1975, Khanh Tam Private Enterprise began from a rice milling factory for local rice and rice trader . We have two rice factories are built on the side of Mekong Delta River where is famous for perfumed and fragrant rice grown in.
Our factory is equipped a complete processing lines with modern technology from drying, milling, polishing, color sortex and packing. Our warehouse capacity is 10,000 metric ton and milling capacity is up to 1200MT per day.
After 30 years understanding clearly the process of exporting rice, we are confident to bring Vietnamese rice to oversea market and proud to be one of leading rice manufacture and directly exporter in Vietnam. Our main products include all kinds of Fragrant rice and the best one is Flower Fragrant rice which has become our best selling product in many years.
Quality is of Top importance & mission in our business strategy. All of our rice are always tested strictly by Vietnam Prime Inspectors and the same with sample as well as buyers request. Begin from choosing quality paddy of farmers which signed contract-farming, then drying and husking them. When got whitening rice, it will be polished 2 times and moved to sorted machine.
After sorted rice, the finished product is packed into bag with different size as clients request.This has been being proved by the fact that our products have been being accepted by many consumers all over the word from traditional ones as Asia (China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Srilanka, Philippines..), EU (Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Switzerland..), America (USA, Canada..), Autralia ( Austrialia..), Middle East ( Iran, Israel, U.A.E..), Africa ( Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Libya..).
Since 2008, we have become one of Vietnam Food Association members and got Vietnam Rice Export License. Succeed in bringing Vietnam rice to the world market, Khanh Tam is proud in top 20 of biggest exporter of Vietnam 2013.


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Khanh Tam Private Enterprise
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Export market:
Asia, Europe, America, Autralia, Middle East, Africa

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